Real time payments for payroll.

Pay employees in seconds rather than days. Simple, secure, affordable Faster Payments for payroll is here, now.

Here's how it works

In partnership with Mastercard SEND and Starling Bank, IGsend, Income Group’s never fail, real-time payment solution removes the costs, risk and pressure imposed by BACS.

Innovative Payments Processing

Income Group payments can be made using the same process as a BACS run - but in seconds rather than days, and without the costs, pressures and limitations of traditional CHAPS or BACS payments.

Ease of Integration

No change to traditional BACS process and GDPR compliance with payments sent through API’s or App

Save time

Our real-time solution removes payroll cut off deadlines ensuring payments are made on time, every time


High-level security with full encryption, and regulatory compliance as standard across the technology

Save money

Reduce banking charges by 50% or more - and no more fees for recalled or cancelled payments

  • See 50% or more cost savings of traditional & recalled payment options
  • Have more time & control for payroll changes and processing
  • Enhance payment processing whilst maintaining authorisation workflows
  • No more payment system upgrade charges
  • Business growth from incremental new revenue models
  • Cost improvements from flexible & affordable real-time payments
  • No more payment system upgrades and charges
  • Deliver an improved customer service with increased flexibility of real-time payments

Making Life Easier for CFOs, HRDs, Payroll and Finance Managers

No more costly or missed payments. Pay employees on time, every time - and in seconds rather than days with simple, secure, affordable access to UK Faster Payments.

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Payments processing is evolving. In partnership with MasterCard SEND and Starling Bank, the Income Group real-time payment process allows transparent, reliable, secure and affordable access to UK Faster Payments - without the hidden charges and costs that traditional BACS processes incur.

Ian Wheeler
CEO & Co-Founder, Income Group

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